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“It’s the News, Stupid”

“It’s the economy, stupid.” Advisers to Bill Clinton came up with that phrase during his 1992 Presidential run to remind the candidate and his campaign that the key to winning was to remain focused on one topic. It is widely credited with helping Clinton capture the White House from incumbent George H.W. Bush, who could […]

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Media Lessons From Chris Christie

Did you see Chris Christie’s speech at the GOP convention?  The very-watchable NJ Governor provided some very good lessons on smart use of the media. Governor Christie has a larger-than-life persona which we all identify him with, especially when he speaks in public.  So there was much anticipation ahead of the convention about how the […]

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Why You Should Be Like “Jersey Shore”

It might seem hard to believe that serious businesspeople looking to improve their media skills should pay attention to “Jersey Shore,” but recent headlines about the MTV show give some great information about ways to succeed in “getting noticed.” It turns out clothier Abercrombie & Fitch is appalled that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and other […]

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