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“Dancing” with the Media

I’m a big fan of Tom Bergeron.  The host of “Dancing with the Stars” is a great model for anyone who wants to succeed in dealing with the media.  Why?  Because he is both entertaining AND credible.  Those two qualities are like a magnet for bookers, producers and reporters…they can’t get enough of those kinds […]

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Susan Rice and the Springsteen Strategy

“No retreat, baby, no surrender.” Bruce Springsteen defiant line from the song, “No Surrender,” on his famous Born in the U.S.A. album is often employed as a media strategy, especially by those under some sort of public pressure.  The latest high-profile example is from America’s ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice, defending her comments following […]

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The Generals and the Socialite

“Getting you noticed” is the motto of Media Makers Consulting, but we’re also careful to make sure that it’s the KIND of notice you want.  Jill Kelley is learning that media lesson the hard way. You know the story by now–  the Tampa socialite complains to the FBI about threatening emails, and the subsequent finding […]

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Nasty Politics and Divorce

Author Don Saposnek discusses his book, “Splitting America,” with KSBW anchor Michelle Imperato  

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