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Star Trek and A-Rod

“Captain, I canna change the laws of physics!” All devotees of the original Star Trek series are familiar with that line from U.S.S. Enterprise’s chief engineer, Montgomery Scott, as he was facing a matter/antimatter crisis in the episode “Naked Time” (of course, he somehow DID find a way to change the laws of physics and […]

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Beware of the Lip Sync

It’s hard to tell if the biggest buzz from President Obama’s inauguration came from the agenda he outlined in his speech or the controversy over whether Beyoncé lip synced the Star Spangled Banner.   Fortunately, both the leader of the free world and the superstar singer provided some excellent instruction on media strategy. Mr. Obama knew […]

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A “Rush” to Media Success

I don’t watch a lot of movies, but I really enjoy the zany detective/martial arts series “Rush Hour” with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.  One of my favorite scenes is from the first installment when Tucker meets Chan for the first time and not knowing if he understands English, says to Chan very slowly and […]

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Creating Your Media Reality

“There is no reality…only perception.” Understanding  that “Life Law” from TV guru Dr. Phil is really the Holy Grail for you to succeed in the media.   And it helps explain why it’s so important for you to have a media strategy. Check out those people (such as Dr. Phil) who are extremely successful in using […]

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