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A Higher (Media) Power

  I have to give the folks at the Vatican credit…they really know how to use the media! When I first heard that white smoke was pouring out of the Sistine Chapel chimney, I immediately flipped on the broadcast of the breaking news from Rome (I actually checked out TV, radio and online coverage).  Along […]

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Making Your Message Memorable

When the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose to an all-time high this week, news reporters–as they are want to do when a market milestone is set–spent a lot of time trying to put the record in perspective.  One of my favorites was from an old colleague of mine, Joe Connolly, a Wall Street Journal reporter […]

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Winning Gold with the Media

It was one of the most memorable pictures of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. That face! American gymnast McKayla Maroney, after stumbling during her vault routine and only taking a silver medal, produced the now-famous “unimpressed” look on the medal stand. The picture was splashed all over the media, so much so that during […]

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Painting Danica’s Portrait

One of the most important aspects of a successful media strategy is for you to control how you are portrayed…not the media. A great example of someone really trying hard to do that is race car driver Danica Patrick. Patrick of course gets tremendous media coverage because she is a woman succeeding in a male-dominated […]

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Space. The Final Media Frontier?

“Luck is preparation and opportunity.” –Bobby Knight If you’re like me, you probably never heard of the B612 Foundation before. The group, founded by two former NASA astronauts, wants to save the world…from space rocks.   Its mission statement says, “Our goal is to hunt asteroids that could hit the Earth and potentially cause human devastation.” Pretty […]

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The Drink Seen ‘Round the World

Both my parents were born in the early part of the 20th Century and used a lot of old-time phrases.  One of them was that when you were thirsty you needed to “wet your whistle.” I wonder if Marco Rubio’s parents said that, too?! The Senator from Florida created a major media buzz by reaching […]

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Size Matters

No, this is not a blog about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s weight. It’s a blog about those who have wisely used the recent flap over Christie’s girth to get some valuable media coverage. The governor created national headlines recently by joking with David Letterman about being “fat” and then giving a public lambasting to […]

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Goodbye to the Media Master

We lost a legend today. Former New York City mayor Ed Koch, who died at age 88, was not only a great guy and pretty darn good mayor, he was the best I have ever seen at using the media. I had the privilege of working with Mayor Koch on his weekly radio program for […]

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Star Trek and A-Rod

“Captain, I canna change the laws of physics!” All devotees of the original Star Trek series are familiar with that line from U.S.S. Enterprise’s chief engineer, Montgomery Scott, as he was facing a matter/antimatter crisis in the episode “Naked Time” (of course, he somehow DID find a way to change the laws of physics and […]

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Beware of the Lip Sync

It’s hard to tell if the biggest buzz from President Obama’s inauguration came from the agenda he outlined in his speech or the controversy over whether Beyoncé lip synced the Star Spangled Banner.   Fortunately, both the leader of the free world and the superstar singer provided some excellent instruction on media strategy. Mr. Obama knew […]

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