Lawrence Hulse, Ph.D

I have worked with Bill for more than 30 years in his role as Senior TV & Radio Producer. Bill’s years of media experience have been a great help in polishing my media performances both here in Australia and in the U.S. broadcasting market, including both news and talkback formats. His timely insights into the needs of news operations have frequently enabled me to achieve air-time on numerous broadcasting outlets. Over the years I have come to trust his knowledge and opinions because they have delivered outstanding results for me.

Todd Wilemon, former FBN “Bulls and Bears” panelist

Bill McColl is a consummate professional in radio and television.   Whether it was help coming up with a catchy hook to gain audience interest, advice on how to sharpen the point I wanted to convey or the insights he shared on what makes must-see TV, Bill is head and shoulders above the rest.  He has the  ability to extract your best performance while still being easy to work with.

Scott Martin, CEO of Kingsview Wealth Management

The environment of live television can be very demanding and highly stressful.  Bill McColl handles this delicate situation with grace and competency; most often putting the guest’s needs first and ensuring a refined and professional final product.  I have worked with a lot of producers over the years, Bill is without question one of the best.

Monica Mehta, Seventh Capital and author of “The Entrepreneurial Instinct”

 No one is better than Bill when it comes to making a newsworthy story catch the attention of millions.  He has an incredible knack for helping people become better communicators and was instrumental in preparing me to be an effective contributor on television.

Jerry Mills, CEO and founder of B2B CFO
We have enjoyed our working relationship with Bill McColl.  Bill has been instrumental in my appearances on Fox Business and has brought tremendous value to our national partners conference in May 2012, where he shared his insights on best practices in working with producers and reporters.  Bill can leverage his extensive background in broadcast media to help businesses shine in the spotlight.

Peter Schacknow, CNBC:

Bill is a hands-on, decisive producer with great news judgment. He inspires confidence in his anchors, who know that the show is always in great hands and that any necessary mid-course corrections will be made quickly and easily.